HVAC Technicians Serving Grey Highlands & Surrounding AreasHaving a working furnace for the winter is a must to keep your water pipes from freezing. The HVAC technicians in the Grey Highlands and surrounding area have years of experience dealing with heating and air...

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Automotive Services

Auto Mechanics Serving Grey Highlands & Surrounding AreasAfter buying a piece of real estate in a new community it can be a daunting task trying to find service providers in the area.  Grey & Bruce County have a great selectoin of qualified automovive...

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Grocery Stores

Grocery Stores in Grey Highlands & Surrounding AreasThere are several grocery store options in Grey & Bruce Counties. From Walmart Supercentres to the local farm selling from a small storefront, you will always find what you're looking for. We  recommend...

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Builders & Contractors

Builders and Contractors Serving Grey Highlands & Surrounding AreasThe trades in Grey County and Bruce County have years of experience, often second or third generation tradespeople. Whether you are building your dream house on your newly purchase land, drilling a...

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Electricians Serving Grey Highlands & Surrounding AreasGrey & Bruce Counties have a great selection of electricians in the area. If you're building your dream home, or are renovating your home, an electrician will be needed to run power to your home.  If you...

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Plumbers Serving Grey Highlands & Surrounding AreasWhen you need a plumber, you NEED a plumber! Emergencies can happen at any time. We've complied a list of some of our communities most capable plumbers. If you use anyone on our list, please be sure to leave them...

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Our Featured Properties

Our Community

Area Attractions

From grabbing a snack from The Bakery to hiking Old Baldy, Grey Highlands has a great selection of attractions in the area.

Arts & Culture

Art tours, museums, libraries and theatre productions; Grey Highlands has a rich history of arts and culture. 

Local Activities

Local farmer's markets, fairs and community events are common in Grey Highlands. 

Local Businesses

Need a plumber, electrician or even a handyman? We have a collection of the communty's finest.

Outdoor Recreation

Snowmobiling, ATV trails, boating, golfing and much more! Grey Highlands has plenty to offer.


Flesherton, Markdale, Dundalk, Feversham and Ceylon are just a few of the great communities in Grey Highlands. 

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